Upcycling Waste for Joint Health Care

Founded by the idea of “there has to be something more,” Stratum Nutrition has taken a wasted resource on its way to the landfill and turned it into an ingredient benefiting the health of people around the world.

That ingredient is our flagship, branded eggshell membrane, NEM®.

Humble Beginnings

It all started when a Midwest small town man began what is now Stratum Nutrition, selling eggs out of the back of a family station wagon purchased after his tour in the Korean war. Due to the founder’s vision, tenacity and innovative mindset, 40 years later he had built the Midwest’s largest vertically integrated chicken operation.

Realizing the massive amounts of eggshells being trucked out as fertilizer or waste, he recognized an opportunity and immediately began working on a solution.

After studying the health benefits of eggshell membrane and finding that it had been used for countless health benefits all the way back to Japan’s antiquity, our company began its mission to transform this wasted resource into a powerful, naturally sourced joint health supplement.

After years of R & D, a patented process to separate the membrane from the outer eggshell was created. This is what became NEM® and is now found in supplement products throughout the world, improving the lives of many.

NEM Today

Our carefully designed research is a true testament to the strength behind the science of NEM and why it has been the leader in the eggshell membrane category for the past 15 years.

NEM is a natural, food-sourced, complete joint health ingredient in a small 500 mg daily dose. The NEM matrix is predominantly protein (50-70%) and contains the glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, keratan sulfate, and hyaluronic acid, as well as collagen types I, V, and X.

NEM is one of the few joint health ingredients, and the only eggshell membrane ingredient, that is supported by a full portfolio of 16 research studies, including 4 randomized placebo-controlled trials (2 of which are healthy person trials); 4 open label clinical trials (3 of which are independent trials); veterinary trials, including one canine RCT; and a wide range of supporting in vitro and in vivo mechanism of action studies. In addition to the subjective endpoints like joint pain and stiffness, recent healthy population clinical trials have included objective endpoints via CTX-II, a cartilage degradation biomarker, giving the results additional credibility and substantiation.

Research reveals that NEM supplementation can help reduce exercise-induced joint pain and stiffness and may help protect cartilage against breakdown.

For more on NEM, please visit: https://www.stratumnutrition.com/ingredient/nem.