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The Superior Choice for Joint Health Formulations

The joint health market is strong. An aging population is certainly a significant contributing factor to the growing need for joint health solutions. Increasingly more, people desire to be active into middle age and beyond. Ease of movement and joint comfort are integral to an active, healthy lifestyle. But the 21st century senior citizen is not just content with being active. These individuals are vibrant and busy in all aspects of their lives. Therefore, they desire a supplement regimen that is simple, convenient, and easy to maintain.

Why Choose NEM®?

NEM® is the original eggshell membrane joint health ingredient. It is the only one backed by a broad range of published research studies encompassing not only randomized control clinical trials, but also in vitro mode-of-action, in vivo studies and veterinary trials. Both subjective and objective measurement tools are used to assess benefits, which adds another level of substantiation to the results. The manufacturing process for producing NEM begins with the positive environmental impact of securing US sourced eggshells from the food processing industry that are headed for disposal in landfills. Separation of the membrane from the shell uses only steam heat, and the membrane is then partially hydrolyzed through a gentle enzymatic process. The entire process is safe for the environment and safe for both manufacturing personnel and human and animal consumption (excluding egg allergen risks).

NEM is one of the few joint health ingredients, and the only eggshell membrane ingredient, that is supported by a full portfolio of 16 research studies, including 4 randomized placebo-controlled trials (2 of which are healthy person trials); 4 open label clinical trials (3 of which are independent trials); veterinary trials, including one canine RCT; and a wide range of supporting in vitro and in vivo mechanism of action studies. In addition to the subjective endpoints like joint pain and stiffness, recent healthy population clinical trials have included objective endpoints via CTX-II, a cartilage degradation biomarker, giving the results additional credibility and substantiation. As a result, The Natural & Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate of Health Canada (NNHPD) recently approved updated cartilage protection claims, including one that specifically addresses CTX-II.

Chris Haynes, Senior Director of Global Sales, said, “Canada’s scientific review process and subsequent strong claim allowances are a bellwether notification to anyone looking for an ingredient in the exercise/athletic supplement arena. NEM’s ability to help with workout recovery, post-workout pain related issues and cartilage preservation and even everyday aspects of joint related health is par excellence. NEM was initially developed for joint related support and has gone far beyond its goal to become the obvious choice for formulations dealing with periodic aches & pains, stiffness, inflexibility, and now sports/exercise formulations, too. The claims allowed by NNHPD are perfect for communicating to the consumer the benefits of NEM.”

Stratum is the global leader in eggshell membrane science and technology for joint health with products in over 20 countries. When it comes to choosing a joint health ingredient, consider the only superior option on the market – NEM.