Supply Chain Influence + Biz Creative + Ahiflower - Podcast #9 Recap

We, in the dietary supplement industry, have an essential role of providing products to consumers that are quality, safe, and efficacious. If brands do not, they will get branded much like the snake oil category and that’s damaging to the whole industry. Brands ought to create products that have them proud of the quality of each product and proud of the science backing each one. In this industry, together, we are creating and providing products that go above and beyond nutrition.

In this episode, we have the privilege to sit down and discuss with Andrew Hebard, CEO and Founder of Natures Crops International, the following:

• Finding Ahiflower

• Carrying the responsibility of consumer health on our shoulders.

• Don’t sacrifice your core motives – you can make a profit with integrity.

• You can be as creative in business as you are in art and music.

• Importance of looking back up the supply chain and being engaged with primary producers.

Hebard said, “Our industry innovates, educates, motivates, and inspires change and this change, starting as ripples, soon become waves throughout mainstream agriculture and horticulture and the supply chains they feed.”

“You can be as creative in business as you are in art and music.” Hebard continues, “Just think about how to apply that creativity, but use a different tool. You can use those tools in so many different ways, how you manage your team, how you do your marketing, how you motivate the team around you, how you plot your strategic path forward. I think that’s also something I would encourage people to think about in business - never lose sight of creativity.”

Natures Crops International partners with independent farmers who are passionate about cultivating healthy, sustainable crops that promote the health of families globally and also preserve our ocean’s ecosystems.

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