Regulatory Advice + Mentoring + Gray Areas + Don’t Just Say No - Podcast #10 Recap

Today’s consumers do not want to be sold – they want to engage and they want help buying. Care/of understands this well and has solved the consumer’s pain points when it comes to selecting the right vitamins for their daily needs. They have made it easier and more enjoyable to shop for vitamins. Their survey technology is user-friendly allowing for consumers to receive custom vitamin recommendations based on diets and health goals, which are delivered in convenient daily packs.

Care/of is doing personalized customer experience right & we just had to have them on our podcast.

In this episode, we had a very inspiring and insightful regulatory conversation with Diana Morgan of Care/Of. We discussed:

• Warren G – All you regulators mount up.

• Not saying no for the sake of saying no.

• Being creative in the midst of grey areas and beyond.

• Importance of mentoring in the natural products space.

• What’s Up with Supps

Diana Morgan said, “I would say the key things that I would like up-and-comers to know from regulatory is first and foremost to be a friend of the business. Many times I’ve seen marketers and regulatory just butt heads because they almost feel like one is a blocker to making awesome claims or awesome products. And that’s not how it should be at all. The way I like to pride myself on being a regulator is working directly with the marketing department because ultimately we want to make awesome products and we want to sell awesome products because we know they’re, they’re really good.”

If you are a young regulatory professional in the natural products space or seasoned veteran, tune in here to hear lots of sound advice from one of the most delightfully-fresh seasoned regulatory pros in the industry.