Stratum Resource post, Quench the Thirst for Functional Beverages

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Quench the Thirst for Functional Beverages

Although the term “eSports” wasn’t coined until 2000, there were many events that built the groundwork for modern eSports to exist. For instance, we could rewind to 1972 to the first official video game competition at Stanford University, dubbed the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics.” This particular game played – Spacewar, a multiplayer space combat game from 1962 for the PDP-1 minicomputer platform. The winner won a one-year subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine. Unlike the prize in 2019 when a US teenager won a record-breaking $3 Million and became the world champion of the game Fortnite.   

Today, nearly 227 million Americans play video games. As younger generations increasingly shift to consumption of online media and entertainment, the eSports market has piqued the attention of the natural products industry, as it should. According to Allied Market Research, the global eSports market is expected to reach $4,758.99 Million by 2030. ESports is a rapidly growing market with some athletes making up to seven-figures, an audience of millions of viewers, and colleges now offering eSport teams on campus. 

Level Up in the Functional Beverage Market 

According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade association of the video game industry in the United States, has confirmed that more people are playing games than ever before in America.  

  • 67% of American adults (age 18+) are players 
  • 76% of American kids (under 18) are players 
  • The average video game player is 31 years old 
  • Across all ages, 80% of players are over the age of 18 
  • More than two out of every three Americans play video games 
  • 55% of players have played more during the pandemic 
  • 90% say they are likely to continue playing after social distancing is no longer required 
  • For players during the pandemic, video games have been a welcome source of stress relief (55%) and distraction (48%) 

Thirsty for Healthy Beverage Options 

Nutrition is a key element of every athlete’s success – including eSports athletes. A healthy diet benefits an athlete’s performance, focus, and recovery. For dietary supplement companies, eSports brings opportunity in vision, endurance, and nootropics.  

Why should formulators consider tapping into the healthy beverage market? 

  • The global functional beverage market is expected to reach $173 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7%.  
  • The U.S. functional beverage market is on track to reach 46 billion by 2023, up from $39 billion in 2018.  
  • Consumer interest in functional beverages grew by 41% from 2020 to 2021.  
  • Antioxidants, energy, and electrolytes top the list of attributes Americans say they look for in the ideal hybrid drink.  

As previously mentioned, with nearly 227 million Americans playing video games, the healthy beverage market is prime and ready for products formulated not only for the average gamer but also for eSport athletes. 

Time to Quench Consumer Thirst 

When it comes to formulating ingredients, Stratum Nutrition® helps overcome obstacles such as ingredients prone to degradation and that poorly absorb through the intestinal wall which limits bioavailability through VitaSperse® technology. This technology enables even dispersion of fat-soluble ingredients, such as CoQ10 or astaxanthin into water-based liquids.  VitaSperse combines two techniques proven to enhance absorption in the body: emulsification and micro-sized particles, yielding a microemulsion. This microemulsion helps improve stability of the antioxidant as well as enhance absorption through the intestinal wall. The use of the unique VitaSperse technology greatly expands the potential delivery formats for fat-soluble antioxidants to include liquid drops, ready-to-drink formulations, and cosmetic applications.   

All VitaSperse ingredients start with reverse osmosis water. Only food-grade ingredients are used to create VitaSperse formulations. Lecithin and non-ionic surfactants are the main building blocks of the VitaSperse microemulsion. Then, a preservative system is added, depending upon use and preference. VitaSperse encapsulates nutritional actives, providing a unique layer of protection. Then, the VitaSperse formulation undergoes a proprietary process that results in a uniform dispersion of actives encapsulated by lipids. This dispersion allows oil-soluble ingredients to stay suspended in water indefinitely. 

All of the technological benefits of dispersion technology is right at your fingertips. Let us help you tap into this market with VitaSperse.