Nutrition Industry Executive Awarded Runner-Up for the NIE 2021 Award Category: Excipients/Non-Actives/Delivery Systems to Stratum Nutrition’s VitaSperse® Technology 

October 21, 2021 (Carthage, MO USA) Stratum Nutrition®, (a business of ESM Technologies), and 3i Solutions, are pleased to announce VitaSperse® Technology has been awarded Runner-Up for the NIE 2021 Award: Excipients/Non-Actives/Delivery Systems. VitaSperse is a unique microemulsion technology that disperses water-insoluble ingredients into water-based liquid applications.  

Scott Peters, Director of Product Development at 3i Solutions, said, “Everyone at 3i Solutions is honored and excited that our innovative VitaSperse technology has been selected for an NIE award. Being able to deliver water-insoluble nutrients in the VitaSperse form allows formulators to create water-based products that deliver stable nutrients with enhanced absorption.* We feel the benefits of VitaSperse will help our customers bring superior and healthier products to the public.”  

All VitaSperse ingredients start with reverse osmosis water. Only food-grade ingredients are used to create VitaSperse formulations. Lecithin and non-ionic surfactants are the main building blocks of the VitaSperse microemulsion. Then, a preservative system is added, depending upon use and preference. VitaSperse encapsulates nutritional actives, providing a unique layer of protection. Next, the VitaSperse formulation undergoes a proprietary process that results in a uniform dispersion of actives encapsulated by lipids. This dispersion allows oil-soluble ingredients to stay suspended in water indefinitely. 

Micah Osborne, President of Stratum Nutrition, said, “I am very happy to see VitaSperse gaining recognition for the great delivery technology that it is. VitaSperse is the magic behind many great products already out on the market. This technology allows us to offer our customers a way to create new product forms, resulting in improved formulations with better performance characteristics of their finished products. I look forward to seeing more great things from our technology partners at 3i Solutions.” 

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