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ISAPP Releases Postbiotic Definition Which Confirms the Integrity of Stratum Nutrition’s Ingredient, LBiome™

May 20, 2021 (Carthage, MO) The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) has recently published a consensus paper, including this definition of a postbiotic: “a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confers a health benefit on the host.”    

Since non-viable microorganisms are often more stable and convenient to include in consumer products, interest in these ‘postbiotic’ ingredients has increased over the past several years. Before now, the scientific community had not yet united around a definition, nor had it precisely delineated what falls into this category. 

Alexis Collins, Product Manager at Stratum Nutrition, said, “It is a relief to have an esteemed scientific body such as ISAPP provide us with a comprehensive definition of postbiotics. This will not only provide much-needed clarity for our customers but will also be the kick-off for postbiotic education for the end consumer. Stratum is proud to be the distributor of LBiome™, which fits the ISAPP postbiotic definition and has 12 published studies demonstrating the quick digestive benefits of the heat-treated, postbiotic form in children and adults.” 

LBiome™ is a human strain-derived, heat-treated postbiotic (Lactobacillus LB) that has been used as a digestive aid for over a century. Researched in postbiotic form for over 100 years, LBiome™ is the “Pioneer in Postbiotics”, with 12 published clinical studies showing digestive health support for both adult and pediatric populations. LBiome™ provides the digestive benefits of a probiotic and the formulation flexibility of a spore, with none of the stability or manufacturing concerns.   

LBiome™ cells adhere to the gut lining, forming an enhanced environment for the gut microbiome, all while simultaneously strengthening the gut lining by supporting a healthy brush border and tight junctions.  These mechanisms of action produce fast results for calming lower GI upset, as seen in the many published LBiome™ clinical studies.   

“As the use of the term, postbiotic, has increased, so has the confusion regarding its definition,” said Nena Dockery, Scientific and Regulatory Manager at Stratum Nutrition. “ISAPP’s release of an official definition provides another level of credibility for LBiome as it meets all the criteria as a true postbiotic. LBiome is the perfect addition to Stratum’s ingredient portfolio because of its proven safety, the extent of published research supporting it benefits as a digestive aid, its shelf and gastric stability, and its versatility in dosing formats.” 

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