Going Beyond the Latest Health Trend

The health and wellness market is evolving at an incredible pace with new business models, training concepts, and trends emerging constantly. The latest new trends are riding the wave of digital, driven by technology, demographic changes, and the COVID pandemic.

Case in point: at-home workouts.

The pandemic has motivated consumers of all ages to be more health conscious, but what we notice most about this new wave of digital trends is how they are tapping into Millennials’ desires for personalization, freedom, and experiences over material things – disrupting the health and fitness industry while catering to the individual.

This generation is in health and wellness for the long haul and ought to be considered a main target for companies to consider. Goldman Sachs explains why, “For Millennials, wellness is a daily, active pursuit. They’re exercising more, eating smarter, and smoking less than previous generations. They’re using apps to track training data and online information to find the healthiest foods. And this is one space where they’re willing to spend money on compelling brands.”

Beyond Personal Wellbeing

Looking beyond the idea of personal wellbeing, conscientious consumers are thinking about how the decisions they make are impacting the wider world, especially when it comes to the businesses they engage with.

Consumers are demanding that brands demonstrate real engagement with sustainability, and they are driving the idea of purpose over (or at least alongside) profit and the philosophy that wellness brands should “practice what they preach.” Nielsen reveals that almost two-thirds (66%) of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact – proving that it pays to put your brand’s money where its heart is.

At Stratum Nutrition, we do just that.

We Practice What We Preach

Nena Dockery, Scientific and Regulatory Manager at Stratum Nutrition, explains, “Stratum Nutrition is dedicated to keeping up with current trends in all areas, from sourcing fully traceable, consumer-relevant ingredients to helping our customers market a finished product. Stratum recognizes that consumers are now more interested in clean labels, transparency, and efficacy. Therefore, we look for ingredients that are sustainably produced, friendly to the environment, and are clinically supported.” One ingredient example of this is NEM®.

“The manufacturing process for producing NEM begins with the positive environmental impact of securing US-sourced eggshells from the food processing industry that are headed for disposal in landfills. The entire process is safe for the environment, safe for manufacturing personnel, and safe for both human and animal consumption (excluding egg allergen risks),” explains Dockery.

Backed by Science

Whichever type of health and wellness trend becomes the next big thing for consumers, one thing will remain the same: joint health matters at every age.

Dockery adds, “NEM is the original and scientific leader for eggshell membrane and it is the only eggshell membrane backed by a significant number of published research studies, such as randomized control clinical trials, healthy population trials, in vitro mode-of-action and in vivo studies, and veterinary trials.” Two clinical trials of NEM have proven that it helps to alleviate exercise-induced joint pain. It rapidly improved recovery from exercise-induced stiffness by day four of the two-week trial, and joint pain by day eight. There was also a significant decrease in a biomarker for cartilage degradation.

This means that NEM supplementation could assist people in staying active and maintaining healthy joints as they age, as well as improve their inclination to exercise with the knowledge that NEM may help them maintain healthy joint cartilage.

No other joint health ingredient on the market has the wide range of published research to support claims related to cartilage protection as well as reduction in exercise-induced joint pain and stiffness.

Joint Health Matters

When considering a joint health ingredient, go with the one that matters and aligns with both the heart and mind of consumers who demand sustainable ingredients heavily backed by science.

For more information about NEM, the #1 fast-acting, triple-action branded eggshell ingredient on the market, please contact us.

The unique ingredients and superior formulations we use help people achieve a higher quality of life through health ingredients.