eSports + Founder’s Advice + Dragons Den - Podcast #8 Recap

When it comes to thinking skills, reaction times, and the ability to make quick decisions, professional eSports is considered one of the most challenging sports of our time. Just as professional athletes from traditional sports optimize their diet by adding supplements, more and more Pro Gamers use supplements with hopes of taking their performance to the next level.

In this episode, we talk with Erik Bywater, Founder of Knosis Nutrition, about:

• Nutritional supplements specifically formulated for e-sports athletes.

• Starting a company and then weaving through the obstacles thrown by COVID.

• Advice from the perspective of a founder about not getting stuck in a rut.

• Excitement of starring on Dragon’s Den and what’s ahead.

Athletes use nootropics to help get them in “the zone.” By being in this state means full immersion in what’s being done, enjoying it and all efforts feeling effortless.

Erik said, “To perform well in these high-intensity games, athletes need to have lighting quick reaction speeds, superior focus, and the ability to make split second decisions, all while staying calm and collected under pressure. Nootropics help eSports athletes improve their cognitive function through improved focus and attention. We’re only scratching the surface of the unique nutritional requirements of eSports athletes but our team at KNOSIS Nutrition believes improving mental performance through a unique blend of nootropics can help athletes perform their best.”

“We thought it was a great space to create a consumable product that can actually improve gamers from the inside out.” Bywater continues, “Because at some point, you can’t always invest in the latest hardware.”

Nootropics have come a long way from short-term boosters to formulations that now target both the body and the mind in a way that supports health in the long term. Thanks to nootropics, eSport athletes’ performances can improve by the ability to think and react more quickly and clearly.

Though nootropics is not as large of a market as others in the dietary supplement industry, it does create the potential for early entrepreneurs to cash in on a large return.

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