Customers Dare You to be Different

When it comes to reaching your most lucrative nutritional supplement consumers, average ingredients simply don’t cut it. These demanding consumers—athletes, fitness elites, coaches and trainers, and others like them—have high expectations for not only the quality of your product but the uniqueness of its ingredients. For this target audience, being different/exclusive/distinctive matters.

Before you go down the product development road, take time to harness market research data and insight from trending categories and industry verticals to make better-informed decisions. Selecting the right product category and unique ingredients that will best support your new formulation is essential to early and continued market success.

You can differentiate yourself from competitors in a number of ways. But starting with the make-up of the product itself—such as using superior bone, joint and immune ingredients you won’t find anywhere else—puts your product and brand at a competitive advantage few can challenge.

As we proceed in this blog post, you might think we favorite our ingredients over others.

Well, yes, you’d be right to think that.

Our ingredient profile only consists of advanced, researched-backed ingredients of which make the cut because they share our rigorous standards of quality, safety, efficacy and environmental responsibility.

Let’s just prove it with one of our ingredients, shall we?

NEM® – 3X the Joint Health in One Powerful Ingredient

With numerous studies conducted, it is no wonder our branded ingredient, NEM®, is the leading eggshell membrane ingredient on the market today.

So, what is NEM®?

NEM® brand eggshell membrane is a natural, food-sourced ingredient that is manufactured in the USA within FDA-inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities using an environmentally friendly patented manufacturing process. It contains 3X the joint health support in one powerful ingredient, defending three crucial areas of joint function: pain, stiffness and cartilage degradation.

How about we break it down to the 10 reasons* why we love NEM® & you will too:
By choosing NEM® as your product’s joint health ingredient, you are choosing to break through the noise of your competition. There is no other eggshell membrane ingredient that holds a candle next to NEM®.

  1. Delivers fast and continued results.*
  2. May help reduce joint aches and pains.*
  3. Supports joint comfort.*
  4. May provide a rapid reduction of exercise-induced joint pain in as few as 8 days.*
  5. May help reduce joint stiffness in as quickly as 4 days.*
  6. May help provide a faster recovery from exercise-induced stiffness.*
  7. May help promote joint flexibility.*
  8. May help reduce cartilage degradation associated with normal wear and tear.*
  9. NEM® naturally contains many of the same key nutrients found in healthy joint cartilage including glycosaminoglycans (chondroitin & hyaluronic acid), collagen and peptides.
  10. NEM® may provide significant support for overall joint health.*

…and that’s just one of our ingredients.

More Than an Ingredient Company

When you are ready to go down the product development road, we are here to help. At Stratum Nutrition®, we begin with your end product in mind.

Our purpose-driven, five-point Layers Process clearly outlines the structure and commitments of a Stratum partnership and lets you know what to expect and gain from working with us:
Becoming a leader in the nutraceutical space requires the use of unique ingredients to create superior formulations that stand apart from your competitors’ products.

  • Efficacy – Generate and present undeniable evidence of efficacy for your new finished product brand.
  • Quality – Understand and communicate quality assurance measures by providing high quality, highly effective, unique ingredients.
  • Compliance – Easily access the verification of proper certifications, declarations and/or registrations that are critical when beginning a relationship with any ingredient manufacturer.
  • Story – Collaborate with us on ideas for balancing product science and efficacy education with a brand story that connects with your target consumer’s perceived value and purchasing behaviors.
  • Demand – Leverage our expertise in understanding new product, consumer and health-benefit categories based on demand and revenue potential.

We don’t stop at selling our brand partners ingredients – we go the extra mile by being a proactive partner to see each one all the way to the product development finish line and then beyond.


Because your customers dare you to be different and that matters to us.