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Celebrate Good Times

Success can be uninspiring when it is not acknowledged. Celebrations boost morale, strengthen teams, help employees form connections, and increase employee engagement.

We saw this to be true on Friday.

On March, 26th, the leadership at Stratum hosted a year-end celebration for its employees. Celebration boxes were filled with chocolates, apple cider bottles, poppers, and a card describing the success of this past year.

In a year, like 2020, Stratum had one of its biggest years to date:

• Sales targeted was surpassed by 20%

• Obtained registration of NEM in Brazil and began fulfilling orders the week following approval

• On-boarded and launched LBiome and VitaSperse

• Produced 2.5X more NEM than in the previous year

• Shipped 30% more product than that of last year

• Successfully navigated employees and the company through uncharted waters of COVID-19 directives, guidance, mandates to provide a safe and healthy workplace

• Implemented automated information reports for both internal and external stakeholders

• Launched a new website and knowledge center for current and potential customers

• Produced 20th podcast episode & continued growth on social media

• And so much more!

Despite the many challenges and obstacles, the pandemic has brought along the way, it has increased consumer interest in health, nutrition, and wellbeing. Consumers are focusing on a healthy lifestyle and more are turning to dietary supplements. The hope throughout the industry is that solutions are found to resolve the pandemic and that the attention to health will not disappear.

As an ingredient innovator and supplier, we care about our finished brand partners and their success, and despite all that has gone on, we still share the same mission with each of them – to help make the lives of people better.

As we celebrate this past year’s success, we also remember the half a million US lives that have been lost due to COVID-19. The victims span every age group and corner of the country. Each leaving behind an indelible legacy.