Adare Biome™ Enters North American Distribution Through Stratum Nutrition® for LBiome™ Postbiotic

March 1st, 2021 (Carthage, MO USA) Stratum Nutrition®, (a business of ESM Technologies), and Adare Biome™, (a division of Adare Pharma Solutions) have entered into a value-added distribution agreement for LBiome™, a unique postbiotic composed of 2 human-origin strains that have been heat-treated with its culture medium. LBiome™, also known as Lactobacillus LB, has been used as a digestive health solution for over a century. This alliance adds strategic value for both companies within the dietary supplement marketplace.  

Researched in postbiotic form for over 100 years, LBiome™ is the “Pioneer in Postbiotics”, with 18 published clinical studies showing digestive health support for both adult and pediatric populations. LBiome™ provides the digestive benefits of a probiotic and the formulation flexibility of a spore, with none of the stability or manufacturing concerns.  

Working as a human strain-derived, heat-treated postbiotic, LBiome has been utilized for digestive support for years. Because it is a postbiotic, by definition inanimate cells (and/or their components) that provide a health benefit to the host, there are no living organisms present. Although postbiotics are less universally known compared to probiotics and prebiotics, postbiotics play a greatly significant role in digestion and gut health.  

“Postbiotics are an emerging category of biotics in the microbiome space, having shown very interesting properties and benefits in which Adare Biome has an expertise as an organization in that area”, said Frederic Appert, Vice President & Business Unit Leader at Adare Biome. “We are excited to be partnering with Stratum Nutrition to make our technology available in the US dietary supplement market.”  

Micah Osborne, President of Stratum Nutrition said, “It is exciting to enter the digestive health category by bringing a unique ingredient for gut health into Stratum’s highly selective portfolio. As more customers want alternative delivery options with human-derived strains, we see big opportunities for this health category and look forward to sharing with the industry the efficacy and flexibility of the postbiotic ingredient, LBiome™. It is an honor to partner with Adare, a company with a legacy of developing and manufacturing innovative products of the highest integrity.”  

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