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This trip to London was selected to highlight our newest ingredient Ahiflower, which is grown in the UK by Nature’s Crops International.


We'll purchase your round trip tickets to London for you and your guest.


We've got you covered and this trip includes a four night hotel accommodation.


This package includes a few pre-selected fun activities to go into your trip itinerary.

Macdonald Randolph Hotel

Construction of the Randolph Hotel began in 1864 by William Wilkinson. Located opposite the Ashmolean Museum and close to the Oxford Playhouse. The hotel's architecture is Victorian Gothic in style.

Day Trip in London

Venture into the city by train and explore all of the historic sites London has to offer.

Visit the Ahiflower Fields

You will have the esteemed privilege of touring an Ahiflower farm and see first hand this amazing omega rich crop in action.

Dinner at Fuller's Pub

Serving Oxford since 1242, delicious food, a fantastic selection of real ales, and a warm welcome to locals and tourists alike. - they’re a small but mighty institution.

Afternoon Oxford Punt

Float along the Cherwell past the Botanic Gardens, around Magdalen College School playing fields and Angel & Greyhound meadows, past St Hilda's, and past Christ Church meadow to the Isis if you feel so inspired!

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You MUST be a SupplySide West 2018 attendee or exhibitor and comply with each of the 3 steps below in order to qualify for the Trip to London.


Submit your truly earth-shattering product concept supernova by 5pm on 11.8.2018

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Check in to the Stratum Supply Side West booth #2945 in person prior to 5:30pm on 11.8.2018

SSW Floor Plan


MUST attend or have a colleague at the Stratum Vendorbrief @ 2pm on 11.9.2018

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Judges will be selecting the 2 finalists based on their total product concept score earned from the combination of all criteria within the contest submission form below. Be creative, be innovative, be "5 Layers" compliant.

ALL personal and company details will be omitted from the information provided to judges in order to avoid any conflict of interests.

Scott Steinford

President / The Trust Transparency Center

From starting companies to facilitating their acquisition, Scott has an extensive and awarded track record encompassing the pharmaceutical and nutrition industries.

Jason Theodosakis


Dr. Theo is a board certified physician, best-selling author, researcher, consultant, lecturer and Fellow in Preventive Medicine.



Only those in attendance at the Stratum vendor-brief presentation will be able to vote for their favorite of the 2 finalists selected, so be sure to bring your entourage.


Should you choose to accept it, your mission is to use the form below to submit a product concept combining one, several, or all of Stratum's ingredients with other standard ingredients of your choice to create an out of this world product concept worthy of a trip to London for two.

This submission form was created to be as quick and effortless as possible. Go with your gut and keep it simple. Don't have time? Click here to sign up for email reminders.

All product concepts will remain confidential unless chosen as one of the 2 finalists. Should you be so amazingly fortunate, you still have the ability to decline any press after the public announcement at our SSW vendor brief. *All Form Fields Are Required.

Personal Info

Product Concept Entry

General Information

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Layer 1: Efficacy

Very briefly explain any possible scientific evidence or research that supports your product concept. Bullet points with links are more than enough. ie. health benefit with a link to a supporting research article, study, etc. (50-150 words)

Layer 2: Quality

Briefly provide a few possibilities around the quality standards or certifications that might elevate your product concept and its ingredients. ie. Kosher, Organic, Halal, Non-GMO, etc. (50-150 words)

Layer 3: Compliance

Please provide any potential compliance certifications, declarations, or registrations that would help support your product concept. ie. FDA-inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities, etc. (50-150 words)

Layer 4: Story

What could the branding look like? Packaging? Unique marketing strategy? What might be a compelling marketing story? How could you tie the story with science and efficacy education to help achieve higher sales? (50-150 words, You do not need to answer all of these questions)

Layer 5: Demand

Aside from standard launch marketing strategies, are there other unique possibilities to create a higher demand for your product concept? ie. unique distribution/sales model, creative partnerships, influencer partnerships, alternative business model etc. (50-150 words)


11.09.18 / 2pm / Booth 1381


Helping Brand Partners Launch Products with a Layered Approach


We will discuss how we partner with brands to successfully launch new products under a layered approach consisting of: Efficacy, Quality, Compliance, Story, & Demand. This brief presentation will be followed with a vote by attendees to determine the overall winner of the Mission Zero contest.



Our finished brand partners are the foundation of our layered process. Developing a strong relationship and understanding of thier company and product needs is essential for a successful product launch.



A strong research and development process should identify the studies necessary for developing a competitive product while presenting undeniable evidence supporting its efficacy.


Defining and clearly communicating the safety and quality assurance measures taken to develop and seperate your product is essential to the development process.




Possessing FDA, NSF, GMP, and other compliance certifications, registrations, or declarations is no longer a competitive advantage but a per-requisite for setting your product up for success.


Influencing your target consumer's perceived value and purchasing behavior is essential to a successful product launch. Combining easily understood science and efficacy with a compelling story supported by a unique marketing strategy is crucial in separating your brand from the competition.




With a clear understanding of market demand and the layers listed above - your marketing, sales, and distribution strategies should properly align to create a consistent increase in brand awareness and demand.


Andrew Rice / Stratum Nutrition

Director of Brand & Product Strategy

Andrew comes to us with 15 years of entrepreneurial and ad agency experience, as well as 4 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. Since joining Stratum, he has launched our new brand, integrated marketing and sales strategy, and persona centric omni-channel strategies. He has the keen ability to blend a potent batch of life, leadership, business, marketing, and digital strategy experience to help not only Stratum, but also our finished brand partners in solving complex issues from an unconventional and highly imaginative perspective.

Christopher Bailey, Ph.D. / Stratum Nutrition

Senior Research Scientist-Clinical Lead

As part of the research department, Dr. Christopher Bailey supports Stratum Nutrition’s ingredient portfolio and the customers that incorporate these value-added ingredients into finished products. Prior to joining Stratum Nutrition, Christopher developed his background in dietary supplement regulation and formulation during his time at Healthy Directions where he worked on evaluating product substantiation, evaluated new ingredients and reviewed content for FDA/FTC compliance through a variety of marketing channels.

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Make sure to tell them to be at the SSW18 Stratum Vendorbrief to vote for your contest submission!

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