ESM (DBA Stratum Nutrition) Supports Victims of the Moore, OK Tornado

ESM Technologies (DBA Stratum Nutrition) reached out to multiple organizations to determine the highest level of need, and the best way to offer support after such a disaster – they chose bulb adoption and a blood drive.

The EF5 tornado that hit Moore and the surrounding areas on May 20, 2013 covered a path 17 miles long and reached nearly 1.3 miles wide at its peak. There were 23 people killed and another 377 were injured. An estimated 1,150 homes were destroyed, and the total estimated damages tower at $2 billion, including two elementary schools and their local hospital.

Carthage’s neighboring town, Joplin, MO, was hit by an EF5 tornado May 22, 2011. One of the Stratum employees lost his home, and many family members and friends of employees were also affected. Needless to say, when the tornado struck Moore, it hit close to home for the Stratum team, and the company was moved to “pay it forward” to the Moore area.

Stratum is acting as “foster parent” to over 1,700 bulbs that will be dug up next year and shipped to the Moore area when they are ready to plant them. America Responds with Love donated over 100,000 bulbs to Moore, however since they are not yet ready for the bulbs, they are temporarily being taken care of in the Joplin area.

Stratum also hosted a blood drive in Carthage with the American Red Cross in honor of Moore on July 22nd. Employees and participants from the community came out to donate blood. On July 9th, the American Red Cross issued a Red Alert announcing an emergency request for donations of all blood types. Debi Rodgers for Stratum states, “It was a privilege to help out the Red Cross when in need and to do so in honor of Moore. We had a great turnout and surpassed our quota of donors.”