Creating Products with Purpose: Are you shortchanging your process?

How often have we heard “It’s not what you do, but how you do it?” As a product developer, that can be a hard concept to embrace. In the nutraceutical world, unique ingredients and high quality formulations matter … a lot.

But over the course of 15 years in this industry, we’ve learned that even the most superior products won’t see the light of day without a complete, step-by-step process that places consumer demand and expectations in the driver’s seat of product development and go-to-market decisions.

I’ve seen it time and again. A great idea gets thrust into development and distribution, leapfrogging all the steps that ensure its ultimate success—steps like proper research to back up ingredient efficacy, quality assurance, compliance validation, a compelling brand story and, of course, confidence in your target market and its level of demand.

When the reason given is “We don’t have the resources or bandwidth to rethink or enhance the current process,” I ask “Are you willing to live with the consequences if you don’t?”

The truth is revenue and profitability are at stake—as is your one shot to make a meaningful and lasting first impression on crucial consumers. A proper process ensures you go to market more fully prepared and in faster time—it does not have to mean sacrificing speed for accuracy.

Download this quick and valuable read on how product formulation and process go hand-in-hand to make sure you launch a Product with Purpose.