And The Winner of the Mission Zero Is…

At the SupplySide West show which took place in Las Vegas in early November, we were excited to announce the winner of the Mission Zero Contest. Mission Zero was a product concept competition, and the mission was to submit a truly earth-shattering product concept supernova combining one, several, or all of Stratum's ingredients with other standard ingredients.

We had some fantastic entries and some truly unique product concepts. Our expert judges, President of The Trust Transparency Center Scott Steinford, best-selling author, M.D. and lecturer, Jason Theodosakis, and Founder & CEO of Pure Branding, Yadim Medore, were overwhelmed by the quality of submissions.

But there can only be one winner…

We are delighted to announce that Mary Todd, Senior Brand Manager from Healthy Directions is the winner of a trip to London for two. Congratulations, Mary!

5 layers of product development

At Stratum, we partner with brands to successfully launch new products under a layered approach consisting of Efficacy, Quality, Compliance, Story, and Demand. Mission Zero contest submissions had to comply with these five layers, and be both creative and innovative.

The Mission Zero winning submission

Mary’s product concept, DigitALL, is a unique combination of ingredients designed to combat the negative effects of daily digital stressors and increase reaction time for serious video game players.

DigitALL’s ingredients include:

  • Ahiflower® and Curcumin 95, both of which support a healthy inflammatory response to the phalanges flare-ups from tip-tapping on digital devices. Curcumin 95 also supports brain health and cognitive function.
  • Organic ESC® and NEM® to support bone health and the skeletal core of gamers’ digits.
  • Lutemax 2020 to support the critical aspects of eye health, shield gamers from some of the negative effects of blue light damage, and to support reaction time and cognition.

As well as telling this product story, Mary’s winning submission also highlighted the quality of the ingredients. She desired each ingredient to come from the cleanest source and contain the least amount of allergens. This includes organic ESC® calcium, non-GMO Curcumin 95, eco-friendly Ahiflower®, non-GMO and ovo-vegetarian NEM®, and non-GMO Lutemax 2020. In addition, she elected that a veggie cap and clean source excipients should be used.

Mary’s outline marketing strategy for DigitALL focuses on the channels her target audience of video gamers would respond to. To create demand for the product, she recommends seeking endorsements from the Video Game Trade Association, sponsoring the World Video Game Competition, and print advertising in Muse and Game Informer magazines.

The Mission Zero prize

Mary’s superstellar concept has won her a trip for two to London, including flights, a four-night hotel stay, and some exciting activities including a sight-seeing tour of the city and a trip to see the omega-rich Ahiflower fields courtesy of Nature's Corps International.

Once again, congratulations Mary! Your innovative product idea and well-rounded concept was a firm favorite for the judges.

If you weren’t lucky enough to win the Mission Zero Contest but would like to discuss a new product launch idea, please contact us.