You, a Storyteller? Yup.

A marketing maestro like yourself is likely often asking - “What’s the story behind our product?” and “What’s the best way to portray this story to our customers?”

You could make the best product in the world, but without a resonating story, it may never get the fans —and sales—it deserves. When you market your product based on its specific value to the consumer, you understand a personal connection is made that transcends the physical product. Suddenly it’s about the consumers’ thoughts surrounding the product, how it makes them feel, and what they can do or achieve now that they simply couldn’t before.

These days, we understand this “story” aspect is needed for creating products with purpose. As part of this process, you define the core characteristics and behaviors of your target audience, then tailor your story around how a particular product “speaks” to them, solves their very specific needs and supports their personal goals. This could even mean helping them realize a need they didn’t know they had yet.

There are proven guidelines that can be followed to craft a stellar story:

  • Include a beginning, middle and end to your brand story
  • Document and stick to logo, typography, and visual style guidelines
  • Define your brand voice and tone
  • Use a slogan
  • Define your mission, vision and brand values

Make it personal

Check out this example of a powerful storytelling approach—the personal experience of ultra marathoner Steve Foster, and his use of the NEM® product to combat exercise-induced joint pain and stiffness.* Personalizing your product through testimonials—giving it a face and sharing its impact on real people transforms a simple supplement on a shelf into a necessary part of people’s daily lives.

In summary, a story with purpose:

  • makes a meaningful, personal connection to the buyer
  • invites customers into a relatable story instead of a sales pitch
  • influences and enhances the perceived value of your product

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