Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn't Working

It's time to take the blinders off to influencer marketing as it exists. The engagement numbers and effectiveness just aren't there anymore. No different than marketing channels and tactics since early advertising, your influencer marketing strategies must evolve as soon as the customer becomes privy to the "man behind the curtain". I mean let's not be naive, 96% of all consumers do not believe the advertising forced in front of them anyway, let alone influencers and their feed of 50 different products they are being paid to push onto them.

In order for an influencer strategy to work today it is not about how large your shiny influencer star is but how authentic they are, whether or not your potential customer will trust them, and that their opinion about your products are sincere, as well as a believe that they actually use them.  I know what you are probably thinking and yes, by utilizing "micro" ambassadors (AKA influencers), more of them will be needed for the same reach. Correct, and it will take more work and man hours to effectively manage influencer campaigns. However, I would without a shadow of a doubt (and I know you would as well), take the new potential brand loyalists and amabassadors you will gain over the current potential customer's likes, shares, or one time purchase.  This is precisely why progressive brands are focusing on the seemingly more relatable and trustworthy "everyday brand ambassadors" to be the shiny new faces of their influencer strategies. Just a little example of this can be found on the Lulu Lemon's website