Using the Stratum 5 Layers Process in the Mission Zero Contest

We recently announced an exciting Mission Zero Contest, which encourages SupplySide West attendees to enter their dream product concept using the Stratum Layers Process and our unique ingredients.  The winner of the contest will get a trip to London for two including airfare, four night hotel accommodations, and tourist attractions. But perhaps even best of all, the winner will have the opportunity to see firsthand the home fields where Ahiflower is grown. Will this winner be you?

As you develop your product, keep in mind that in the nutraceutical world, high quality formulations as well as unique ingredients significantly matter. It’s also important to remember that you can’t have one factor without the other. Your product could have the most premium ingredients but without a process that puts consumer expectations and demands front and center, it won’t stand a chance in a competitive market. All five of Stratum’s “Layers” of product design are extremely important and must be represented when seeking to be competitive in this contest. Skimping on one layer could mean lasting consequences on the others. A proper process during product creation ensures you have your product prepared by the deadline, without sacrificing accuracy.

Here’s a closer look into what Stratum requires in terms of the five Layers of product design. Keep these in mind as you create your product for submission.

Layer 1: Efficacy
When submitting your application, very briefly explain the research and scientific evidence you have conducted in support of your product concept. For example if you claim that your product has a health benefit, be sure to include a link to an article or study with supporting research.

Layer 2: Quality
How would your product stand on quality? Please note the quality standards or certifications that you intend the product concept to meet. If it is non-GMO, organic, vegan, Kosher, paleo, keto, or others, be sure that is noted.  

Layer 3: Compliance
Would  your product be inspected by the FDA? How about created in NSF-certified GMP facilities? If you already have an existing product line, what levels of compliance do they adhere to (assuming this new product would meet similar standards)? Any type of compliance declarations, certifications or registrations should be included in support of your product concept.

Layer 4: Story
Every great product has a story behind it. This is what gets the consumers’ attention and will ultimately help drive sales. Your story can be told in everything from branding and packaging to your compelling marketing strategy. Even consider how you could tie the story with science and efficacy education to help achieve higher sales.

Layer 5: Demand
Beyond standard launch marketing strategies, have you thought of any further possibilities to create a buzz about your product concept? From creative partnerships with influencers to an alternative business model, think of ways you can create consumer demand for your product.

We hope you find the above information helpful! We are looking forward to seeing your submissions comprising the above product concept layers. Good luck to everyone!

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