Turn Reviews into Profits

When it comes to selling products, it’s human nature for customers to want validation from people like them that confirm your claims. That’s why if there is one thing that reliably leads to higher sales, it’s social proof.  

After all, you could talk all day and even back up your claims (LINK TO BLOG), but social proof often trumps any paid advertising. People are influenced by others, even if they don’t know them, making word-of-mouth marketing undeniably one of your greatest marketing tactics.

And people are willing to give their opinion. In fact, according to a Sprout social survey performed in 2017, 46% of US consumers voiced an opinion about a brand online. With nearly half of consumers sharing their opinion about your product, it only makes sense to leverage those reviews to prove your product’s quality.

Encouraging and incentivizing your customers to write positive reviews is absolutely crucial, but what you do with those positive reviews is actually what matters the most. To leverage reviews, you should have a plan in place regarding how you’re going to use them as a marketing tool while extracting their maximum value.

Benefits for your website:  Positive product reviews not only help customers trust a business, but they also help reinforce their purchasing decisions. Product reviews humanize your brand while generating traffic to your site – two keys to driving conversions. They can provide SEO (search engine optimization) value that helps drive traffic and can influence buyers at the decision phase in a way that increases conversion rates.

Leveraging Product Reviews from Third Party eComm Sites:  The top channel for natural and organic manufacturers is eCommerce through a third party (according to a Nutrition Business Journal New Hope Network survey conducted in Q1 2018).

That’s great news for anyone in the nutrition supplement business looking to maximize the value of product reviews. They afford nutrition businesses an array of advantages and their benefits can accelerate the conversion process across numerous platforms.

Repurposing the reviews gained from third party sites on your own can be done in a couple ways:

  1. Manually adding authentic reviews to your own product landing pages or website. When a customer sees a product review on a landing page, the chances are higher that they’ll convert, making reviews a great way to increase conversion rates. Maximize visibility by pasting quotes and excerpts of reviews where they won’t be missed. When a customer is nearing their decision to purchase, a quick glance at a review can be just the thing to tip them in the right direction.
  2. Using syndication services for reviews. Syndication services can distribute the reviews generated on 3rd party platforms to your own product web page. The vice versa is also true - reviews can be syndicated from your own website to the retail partners who sell your products, and these would reside on the retailer’s product detail pages. Review syndication is a great way for your brand to ensure your content is available wherever consumers are shopping and helps retailers deliver an exceptional shopping experience by having plenty of content on all of their products. Just make sure you have some type of approval process in place for reviews, especially those going to your own website, to make sure reviews don’t contain any risky disease claims as outlined by the FDA.
  3. Partner with industry influencers. Utilize real, authentic reviews of your products made by influencers, which are typically posted on their blogs and shared on their social feeds. Their feedback can then be shared on your social pages and added to your own website.  Just be sure to follow rules laid out by the FTC.

Leveraging reviews from third party ecommerce sites and on your own page is one of the easiest marketing strategies you could ever implement, while also being inexpensive and effective for increasing sales and driving growth for your business.