Overcoming Hurdles in Product Development

Developing a new product can be a daunting task, needless to say, right?  We hear you.  I view my role as a sales manager as an extension of the development team for any of the many brands that I have worked with over the years. While there are many hurdles to overcome, I am going to focus on the regulatory and quality aspects that we support as a proactive raw material partner.

When creating a branded product, brand developers may have a list of ingredient requirements to meet a specific goal, such as clean labeling.  From a regulatory standpoint, required specifications might include non-GMO, organic, or Kosher certifications for example. Additionally, the brand developer needs to know that the efficacy of the ingredient is scientifically supported with published studies that support strong claims. Other hurdles can include developing a test method for identity/potency, determining which co-ingredients can/should be included, and proper positioning from a marketing standpoint. These are all pieces of the process that myself and our team can help you with.

As a company, our focus goes well beyond just “selling an ingredient”. Obtaining regulatory documents and certifications should not be another hurdle for the brand developer. Our Stratum team is dedicated to making this process go as smoothly as possible by providing what is needed in an accurate and timely manner. One of our partners recently said, “We are looking for an excuse to use other ingredients that you provide just because your service and support makes our job so much easier”. That’s our goal, and that sums up the type of relationship between a supplier and a brand that makes the product development process successful.

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