Our Mission: To Collect Your Best Product Concept

We are excited to announce our Mission Zero Product Concept Contest exclusively for the attendees of the SupplySide West 2018 Convention in Las Vegas November 6- November 10. To enter the contest, we ask that you combine your brand with Stratum’s unique ingredients as well as any other ingredients you believe would create a new, revolutionary concept.

Just complete 3 easy steps!

Step 1 - Complete your product entry

  • For your entry to stand out, we are looking for attention to detail when it comes to each of the five layers of product conception - efficacy, quality, compliance, story, and demand. Don’t let this part scare you though - it’s an easy mission to complete!

Step 2 - SSW Booth check-in

  • Once you’ve submitted your unique concept, you’ll be given a confirmation number. Bring that email to the Stratum SupplySide West Booth (#2945) on Nov 8th for your #2 checkpoint.

Step 3 - Attend our SSW Vendorbrief presentation

  • Then you, or someone representing you, needs to attend the Stratum vendor presentation, Booth 1381 from 2:00-2:20 on Friday Nov 9th. Our judges will choose the top two finalists which will be announced at the vendorbrief and the winner will be voted on by those in attendance.

The winner will receive a trip for two to London, England, home of our ingredient partner, Nature’s Corp International where Ahiflower is grown. The prize includes airfare, four night hotel accommodations, and entry to several tourist attractions.

Perhaps the most fascinating of all the attractions, the selected winner will also get a chance to see the Ahiflower farm. This magnificent farm is the result of over ten years of good agricultural practice, dedicated agronomic research, traditional plant breeding and natural selection. Ahiflower is grown across thousands of hectares of prime farmland in the UK with an emphasis on safety, sustainability, purity, efficacy, and authenticity.

According to Andrew Hebard, Founder, President and CEO at Nature's Crops International, winning this contest would give you the opportunity to, “meet some of the UK’s most innovative and forward thinking specialty crop growers, tour the crops and talk to them about the importance of agricultural stewardship, sustainability and traceability. Specifically, you’ll get to see fields of Ahiflower being grown and learn how this diminutive little plant has been brought to full scale commercialization to become a game changer in plant derived omega’s.”

Deadline for all entries is November 8, 2018 5:00 PST, so be sure to get your submission in as soon as possible. When submitting on the website, if you are pressed for time, just complete the “Time Warped?” email form, and we will send out timely reminders to ensure that you get your entry in on time and do not miss the final deadline.

We’re excited to partner with Nature's Crops International for this amazing opportunity, supporting the extraordinary Ahiflower omega-3, 6, 9 ingredient, and we look forward to your entries!