Let’s Storm It Out: Top 5 Brainstorming Techniques

When it comes to drumming up the newest, greatest product concepts, brainstorming is an age-old strategy that works every time. Yes, every time.

Sure, at first, it may feel as though the creative team of product owners, formulators, contractors, developers, and others bring so many different insights and knowledge that the end vision seems inconceivable. But, fear not - the rules of engagement leverage the power of the whole team, sparking fresh ideas that result in better products. At the root of all great product development is the fearless facilitator who may follow any of these five brainstorming techniques.

#1 Brain Writing This technique is probably the most individual of all techniques because it starts before the team gets together. Prior to the group brainstorm, each team member should be given a topic by the team leader. From there, the team will individually write down their own ideas. This technique gives each individual a chance to introduce themselves to the topic and add their own personal touch to the concept design. Once everyone has their thoughts written down, they can discuss them as a larger group.

#2 Charette For large groups with individuals coming from different backgrounds and departments, you may want to consider the Charette technique. In this method, the large group is broken down into subgroups to tackle big ideas and concepts. The smaller groups come up with ideas around their given topic and then pass it on to the other small groups to continue building ideas. Almost game-like, this technique is fun and very efficient.

#3 Collaborative Brain Writing This technique is great if you have a little more time. It’s both individual and group driven without forcing any of the participants to think on-the-spot. The way this method works is, one thought or concept is put in a public area, for instance, a bulletin board. At their leisure, participants build on that idea by adding on their thoughts and brainstorms in the same area. It’s a friendly and fun way to keep an idea going. The group leader should ensure that all participants regularly check in and stay focused on contributing ideas to the board.

#4 Figure Storming This method is all about thinking with a new perspective. In the figure storming technique participants choose a figure from pop culture, history, fiction, or other place in which they can identify, and put themselves in the shoes of that famous person. This allows the group to address the product from a different viewpoint. For example how would Justin Timberlake use your supplement? Or what about Abraham Lincoln? Funny to think about, but brainstorming in this fashion allows the group to consider various solutions for issues that may arise.

#5 Reverse Storming While this technique may seem awkward at first, reverse storming has been identified as one of the best ways to tackle the tough issues with solutions before they arise. For this, consider what a person would do at any given time or situation, and then think about what the opposite action would be. This reverse thinking allows participants to think outside the box and use alternative thinking to problem solve. Everything from avoiding customer loss to keeping product quality high can be addressed during reverse brainstorming.

Let the Ideas Flow Letting the ideas flow, and supporting all of those participating in the brainstorming process, can help you achieve the launch of your next best supplement in the market.

Keep in mind that if one technique doesn’t work, move on to the next. You may find that while one particular technique may work on one occasion, another will work for a different product. Just remember to try to stay flexible and let the creative process take over. For more ideas on brainstorming, check out this full article on brainstorming techniques.