Interview with Vegan Athlete - Torre Washington

Meet professional and all-natural bodybuilder, long-time vegan, and animal rights activist: Torre Washington. 

From a young age, Torre has had a passion for sculpting physiques.  His passion strengthened ten years ago when he witnessed a friend win a bodybuilding competition.  In Torre’s words, “My passion drove me to have the courage to start learning about bodybuilding and begin competing.” In 2009, he stepped up onto the stage for the first time and placed third in a tough class.  Within the next 6 months, he competed in his second show ever and not only won his class of 16 men, but also won the overall and earning his Pro Card. 


“I took a great leap of faith to pursue my dream to become one of fitness greats and

 share my gift with the world.”


His passion has crafted him into a well-known trainer sought out by high-profile celebrities.  He is linked to personally training Kim Kardashian and athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB  He recently played a role in the launch of Chris Hemsworth’s new, fitness app, Centr.  Centr is a personalized health and fitness program featuring the expertise of handpicked, internationally renowned trainers, nutritionist, and wellbeing leaders. 


With credentials such as his, we were floored when he generously offered to answer a few of our burning questions. 


You are well-known for being a vegan athlete. What led you to veganism and why?

My journey into “veganism” actually came out of a need to maintain my integrity as a Rastafarian at the time.  I was raised vegetarian due to my mother’s way of life, seventh day Adventist, so I had a head start and transitioning into the Rasta way of life got me closer to “vegan” because of the Ital lifestyle, which is eating of the earth. 


Do you think veganism has helped your performance as a bodybuilder?  If so, how?

I think “veganism” has helped my performance in that it has allowed me to recover faster and to have the energy to get through workouts without the addition of pre-workouts or energy drinks.


What does an average week of training look like for you and how does it look different when training for a competition? (both in training and diet)

An average week of training for me consists of minimal cardio and hypertrophy training, meaning I am utilizing high volume with slow reps and some increased weight sets as well to overload the muscle and stimulate growth.  Whereas when it comes to the week of a competition, it is increased cardio, and training is only there to keep blood flow and eliminate as much glycogen (stored muscle energy) from the body as possible.  Nutrition (d-i-e-t) doesn’t change much as calories start low and increase by the end of the week.


“The drive to compete is to be better than I was the previous year, to always improve upon any weaknesses, and the enjoyment of being on stage putting on a show for the crowd.”


How do you ensure you are getting the nutrients needed with your vegan lifestyle?  (food prep, supplements, etc.) Any tips for other vegan bodybuilders?

I ensure that I’m getting the nutrients needed with my lifestyle by doing the best to vary my sources of nutrition and eating lots of nutritious food mainly, but I do indulge as well.  Tips for aspiring vegan bodybuilders: don’t be afraid to eat all types of vegan food.  It’s a process and your journey to see what works for you and your body (physique).   


What would you say your greatest accomplishments are and why?

Some of my greatest accomplishments would be that I was able to leave a corporate job and do something I love to do and still survive.  Also, having the opportunity to work with people highly regarded in society as either a celebrity or public figure.  At this point in my life, my goal in L.I.F.E. is to Live In Freedom Everyday. 

“Dreams should become your thoughts.  Thoughts should become your plans.  Plans should become actions which lead to fulfillment.” – Torre Washington


What’s coming for you next?  Any goal challenge you’d like to purse next?

I am looking forward to creating a retreat with an amazing individual that hasn’t been done before.  I would like to achieve the goal of competing in either the Olympia or the Arnold Classic.


Any final thoughts/words that you would like to add?

Don’t be afraid to go after what you want in this life.  Most of us regret never stepping out of our comfort zone for fear of ridicule or failure – and maybe even the fear of success.


“Growth is only feasible when the mind is humble and willing to search of ways to learn. I look at LIFE (Living in Freedom Everyday) as a journey where mistakes become lessons learned and stepping stones for growth.”


Torre has always known how he wanted to help people become a better version of themselves.   He seeks first to understand before he is understood.  According to Torre, if the world does more of this, we will have a whole lot more of ‘we’ and less of ‘me’.  


“In order for things in this world to change, we must change.”


Torre Washington is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and kind-hearted people around.  To stay up to date on his adventures, you can follow him on Instagram


We wish you all the best, Torre! 

Torre Washington
IFBB Pro Vegan Bodybuilder & NASM Certified Coach
Torre Washington is a vegan, professional bodybuilder who has placed in the top three with 5 different organizations; such as Musclemania Pro and the Arnold Classic, and he has attained 4 different Pro cards.   Methods of fitness come and go, but bodybuilding has remained his favorite.  It’s the artistic engineer in him that loves this sport over any other.  It enables him to creatively sculpt his body aesthetically exactly how he wants it to look.