Innovative Product Development Tools You Might Not Know Of

From increased demands and customer expectations, to unpredictable moves by competitors, there is intense pressure for companies to develop products from insights that speed up innovation and fend off distribution.

Unfortunately, many product developers are being asked to push out ground-breaking products and services, but find themselves disadvantaged by vulnerable aspects of their process. Trying to keep up with all that’s required to compete in new markets may seem frustrating when they are stuck with rigid sequenced processes, strict responsibility divisions among crucial functions like formulating and marketing, and an overall narrow focus on innovation internally.  

Luckily, there are digital tools and techniques to get ahead.

For product developers, tools like AMZ Tracker and Unicorn Smasher help to analyze current selling and purchasing behaviors for the products being sold on Amazon.  Monitoring using these tools gives a better look at what ingredients and products are hot, which ones are declining, and more valuable insights.

Save weeks of tedious research by investing in these sites or similar ones as they give you all the metrics you need in mere seconds. Instead of wasting hours of your valuable time with detailed and unmanageable spreadsheets that may or may not go anywhere, you can move quickly within your niche and find the right opportunity for you.
AMZtracker is a 360 sales strategy, offering an offensive strategy with keyword insights for both your own products and your competitors. With this information, product developers are:

  • able to see factors bringing conversion rates down, be it the image, the bullet points, or number of reviews
  • easily make a change to the listing or product descriptions
  • combat negative reviews with alerts
  • find out when a seller tries to hijack your listing

All of these details are absolutely crucial for product development insights and ROI.
Similarly, businesses can take the guesswork out of product listing with UnicornSmasher. As with AMZtracker, this service helps you understand how the right product can make a big difference for your business.

The data-driven sales estimates quickly show you exactly what is popular on Amazon with detailed information regarding nearly any listening. All of these components help you set up your own business for success.

AMZtracker subscribers can actually gain an edge as it seamlessly integrates with UnicornSmasher for deeper insights.

For example, by entering competitors’ listings in the On-Page Analyzer, you can discover if they are optimized, and continuously spy on their daily sales in the Sales Tracker.  

These innovative tools expose shortcomings in R&D practices, as well as in the listings themselves. Now product developers can counter their digital competitors, and even outsmart them, by exploiting unconventional capabilities.

The companies that take advantage of these new technologies will achieve the pace of innovation that is needed to compete, grow, and win in this digital economy.

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