Creating High Quality, Highly Effective, Unique Products

As professionals in the supplement and functional food/beverage industry, you know that with the amount of competition in the nutraceutical space, delivering quality products is absolutely crucial.

Nowadays, with the resources available, there’s practically no excuse not to deliver a premium product every time, which is why leaders in the nutraceutical space strive to be diligent about separating themselves in the marketplace from mediocre and average products. It’s not just a good idea, but absolutely vital to the business.

Superior brands know to place a strict emphasis on understanding and communicating quality assurance of their products through the use of superior ingredients and manufacturing quality measures from start to finish.

Following the Stratum Nutrition 5 Layer Process ensures that every aspect of product development will be considered when launching successful products.  If your business lacks the resources to reinforce all stages of the process, perhaps it is time to engage a service-oriented partner who thoroughly understands the commercialization process and can help to streamline your workflow.

Quality’s Role

There is an incredible amount of information available, and consumers are constantly challenging companies to deliver more products at a faster pace, all with premium, quality, traceable ingredients.

Quality, along with the other stages of the process, are essential for brand loyalty, and this stems from delivering quality products every time your consumers make that purchase.  Knowing they can count on a quality product is what keeps consumers happy and furthers your ability to act on emerging trends for your target market, as well as practically guaranteeing great profitability and revenue.

Trust in the Process

A proper product development process means you are better equipped to generate and present undeniable evidence of the value and quality behind your new product. It’s understood that not every company may have the resources necessary to develop an optimal product. Yet doing due diligence to adhere to the complete process, from market research, to ingredient selection and formulation, to proper label messaging, all ensures that nothing is sacrificed and helps to keep quality at the forefront of execution.

Marketing a Product’s Quality

With numerous choices available to them, consumers can get just about anything they need with a simple swipe of their smartphones. At the same time, they have become highly adept at weeding out poor quality while distinguishing authenticity from artifice. For that reason, keeping consumers loyal by engaging them and sharing products that offer tremendous value and quality are more important than ever.  

Because 51% of purchases come from online searches, companies face a unique challenge of communicating the quality of their products to consumers who aren’t physically able to interact or touch the products before buying them. Communicating the quality of a product plays a big role in how it is perceived - now this must be pulled off in the digital worlds (platforms) your product lives in. The following are a few ways to emphasize a product’s true quality and value:

  • Focus On Details

From strong visuals to strong product storytelling about the product’s quality, the more detail-oriented you can be, the better your consumers will engage with the product. Across all verticals, brands are better catering to the wants and interests of their consumers. Focusing on the details helps to bring your products to life for your consumers.

  • Be Transparent

Consumers that trust the brand are less likely to be skeptical about their purchases. One of the best things you can do is be transparent about the details behind your product. Studies have shown that consumers want to know as much as possible. Let them know you have nothing to hide, and your product quality will naturally shine through.

  • Highlight Positive Customer Reviews

When customers love your product, be sure to emphasize the positive reviews so new customers will also love your product. Online reviews are as popular as ever. Consumers are review-happy, with many choosing to read about other’s experiences before making product purchases themselves. Featuring great reviews prominently on your product page(s) is a great marketing strategy.

The quality of your product is the most distinguishing factor about your brand, so promoting it should come easy. It can be difficult for companies to separate themselves from the competition if they choose to only focus on surface-level aspects of their product. However, by choosing quality ingredients, promoting product details and transparency, highlighting great reviews, and sticking to the process, you will have the opportunity to connect with potential buyers on an authentic level.

Download this quick and valuable read on how product quality and process go hand-in-hand to make sure you launch a Product with Purpose.