Compliance: The Consumer is Boss

When we hear the word “compliance” our minds quickly jump to government oversight, FDA regulations, pushes toward transparency and the like. As you know, these formal aspects of compliance figure strongly into the product development and formulation process for any nutritional supplement.

But what about the flip side of compliance … the importance of keeping pace with consumer standards and expectations? In a recent article from Nutritional Outlook, one contributor says it this way, “Consumers expect consistent taste and appearance in their favored products, as well as a continual stream of diversity.”

This translates into a few things - staying ahead of consumers, knowing what they need before they do, offering new unique ingredients and the formulations thereof. Essentially what this means for you is the importance of offering differentiated products with unique incomparable market penetration.

Government regulations may change with new administrations, but consumer expectations for high quality and efficacy remain constant. To stay ahead (and competitive), ever-growing transparency remains a top priority for the entire product development and delivery process.

Speak the same language

Transparency between manufacturer and supplier means having honest and open communication throughout the process—speaking the same language.

It’s crucial to have:

  • total clarity around purity of ingredients
  • proper certifications, declarations or registrations regarding FDA inspections
  • good manufacturing practices (GMP) compliance.

This “transparent relationship” should be status quo with all ingredient suppliers, including long-time suppliers that you have a history with, as well as new ones.

When transparency is strong between supplier and manufacturer, it spills over easily to the consumer. Proper labeling and effective marketing flow naturally, surpassing consumer expectations and providing them with clear and compelling reasons to choose your product over the others. And isn’t that the outcome that matters most?

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