15 Top Vegan Athletes on Instagram

No longer are the days of carnivorous eating for many athletes.  There is an increasing amount who are turning to veganism to fuel their active lifestyle.  They are debunking the myth that plant sources are insufficient in meeting necessary protein requirements.

The following Instagrammers present sympathetic, cruelty-free fitness and food ideas on their account platforms for everyday inspiration.  These vegan athletes are passionate about their health and fitness – using their fame to promote the vegan lifestyle. 

This may be presumptuous but we think we’ve picked fifteen, top vegan athletes you’ll want to follow.


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Torre Washington
IFBB Pro Vegan Bodybuilder & NASM Certified Coach
Torre Washington is a vegan, professional bodybuilder who has placed in the top three with 5 different organizations; such as Musclemania Pro and the Arnold Classic, and he has attained 4 different Pro cards.   Methods of fitness come and go, but bodybuilding has remained his favorite.  It’s the artistic engineer in him that loves this sport over any other.  It enables him to creatively sculpt his body aesthetically exactly how he wants it to look.
Steph Davis
Professional Rock Climber, BASE Jumper, and WingSuit Flyer
Steph's resume of climbing achievements spans 25 years. She is a professional rock climber, BASE jumper and wing suit flyer, as well as a blogger, author, and public speaker.  She was the first woman to free climb the Salathe Wall on El Capitan, and the second woman to free climb El Cap in under 24 hours. She has established first ascents around the world, of difficult rock climbs and high altitude mountains from Yosemite to the Karakorum.  
Dominick Thompson
Former St. Louis Rams Wide Receiver & Founder of Eat What Elephants Eat
Dominick Thompson is a former St. Louis Rams wide receiver and founder of Eat What Elephants Eat. His IG hosts a variety of physique pictures, activists’ posts, and food shots that will make your mouth drool for more.
Tia Blanco
Professional Surfer
Tia Blanco is a Pro Surfer who won the first place Gold medal at the International Surfing Association Open Women’s World Surfing Championship 2015 in Popoyo, Nicaragua and was successful to defend her title by winning the 2016 edition in Playa Jaco, Costa Rico. Not only does her Instagram page have us all daydreaming of the beach, but she also has another page specifically for vegan food. You will want to check that page out, too.
Jon Venus
Fitness Public Figure
Jon Venus is a public figure most known for his YouTube http://canadian-cialis.com/ channel where he focuses his efforts to spread information regarding fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content in…let’s say an uplifting and entertaining way. His IG is a unique combination of vegan tips, family life, and fitness shots.
Hannah Teter
Olympic Snowboarder
Hannah Teter is an Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist Snowboarder in halfpipe, three-time Olympian, seven-time XGames Medalist, and a Special Olympics Global Ambassador. Her IG posts boast her fabulous life out in the snow – and trust us, it looks magnificent.
Brandan Brazier
Former Professional Ironman Triathlete & Utlra Marathon Champion
Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. He is a Thrive author, Innovation Director at Pinto, and the Editor-in-Chief at Alive Magazine. His life is quite busy, but his Instagram is loaded with his peaceful view and pictures of the stunning world around buycialisonlineworldwidestore.com us.
Lisa Gawthorne
Duathlete for Team GB
Lisa Gawthorne is established as an active multisport athlete, representing Team GB in Duathlon, author of the vegan health and fitness book Gone in 60 minutes, and is co-owner of Bravura Foods, a vegan snack brand. She, undoubtedly, is one of the most active and inspiring vegan athletes around.
Scott Jurek
Ultramarathon Runner
Scott Jurek is named one of the greatest runners of all time. To call him a legend may fall somewhat short. He has two NY Times bestsellers, “North” and “Eat & Run”. He encourages others to live how you run – find your way, find what works.
Rich Roll
Ultra-endurance athlete
Rich Roll is a world-renowned ultra-endurance athlete, wellness advocate, author, and public speaker. Rich overhauled his life after finding himself sedentary and overweight in his middle age. At age 40, he adopted a plant-based whole foods diet and reinvented himself as an ultra-distance endurance athlete. He was later named as one of the top “25 Fittest Men in the World” by Men’s Fitness.
Morgan Mitchell
Olympic Runner
Morgan Mitchell’s IG shows not only her determination and strength, but her fun-loving spirit can’t help but shine through. This kick-butt lady trains hard and currently represents as an Adidas Athlete. Morgan has competed at the Olympics and has held the fastest 400m by an Australian woman for 13 years.
David Haye
Former Unified Cruiserweight World Champion & WBA Heavyweight Champion
David Haye is a former unified Cruiserweight World Champion and WBA Heavyweight Champion. Haye’s eye-catching power and immense physical conditioning have distinguished him as one of British boxing’s most celebrated and successful ring champions of the modern era. Now that he is retired, he manages Champions of the Future.
Denis Shapovalov
Canadian Professional Tennis Player
Denis Shapovalov is a Canadian professional tennis player. Shapovalov is currently ranked in the top 20 of the ATP rankings and was viagra-50-online-store.com the youngest to crack the top 30 since 2005. His career-high ATP singles ranking is No. 20 in the world.
Bryan Danielson
Retired American Pro WWE Wrestler
Bryan Danielson is a retired, American professional WWE wrestler. He held the WWE Championship three times and WWE's World Heavyweight Championship once, in addition to being a one-time United States Champion, a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion. Danielson also won numerous titles on the independent circuit, including two PWG World Championships, the FIP Heavyweight Championship and the wXw World Heavyweight Championship.