Health Canada Claim Approvals for BLIS K12™ Probiotic

Stratum Nutrition and BLIS Technologies announce new claim approvals from Health Canada for use of BLIS K12™ probiotic in supplement products. Working in partnership, Stratum and BLIS submitted a Master File to the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) within Health Canada for the probiotic ingredient BLIS K12. A subsequent Product License Application (PLA) referencing the Master File has recently gained Health Canada approval and was issued a Natural Product Number (NPN). This approval will allow Canadian manufacturers and marketers to make substantial and specific label claims on their products which contain the BLIS K12 ingredient. Barry Richardson, CEO of BLIS Technologies, said their strategy of focusing on getting through regulatory approvals is a means of opening up markets. “As arduous as the process is, each successful regulatory approval prepares the ground for the sales and marketing effort that follows.” Kevin J. Ruff, Ph.D., MBA CCRP, Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs said, “Stratum was pleased to be able to use our regulatory expertise in North America to open up the Canadian market for BLIS K12 and we expect the strong efficacy claims that were approved to really resonate with Canadian consumers.” To learn more, please sign in to our Knowledge Center.