New CRN Data Reveals Promising News for Stratum

Recent CRN data showing results from their 2014 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements reveals promising news for Stratum Nutrition.

NutraIngredients-USA points out from the new CRN infographic the top five reasons that supplement users take products in their recent article. The number one reason consumers take supplements is for overall health and wellness benefits (54%), then filling nutrient gaps in the diet (29%), followed by bone health (25%) and immune health (25%), and finally healthy aging (24%).

Stratum Nutrition specializes in a portfolio of select branded ingredients that can provide solutions for all five of these consumer reasons, but especially bone health, immune health, and healthy aging. ESC® brand calcium from eggshells supports bone health, both ESC® and NEM® brand eggshell membrane support healthy aging, and BLIS K12™ supports immune health. These ingredients are consumer-need-driven and have the published research to back them up. These quality, branded ingredients are produced in GMP-registered facilities and are non-GMO.

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