Scientific substantiation of all our ingredients is the cornerstone by which Stratum operates. In today’s regulatory environment, in the US and internationally, our customers demand to know the clinical basis upon which they can substantiate the claims for our ingredients. In the past, it was often sufficient to base claims on biochemical, cellular, or animal data. Today, these types of studies are best described as supportive, but not sufficient. Stratum believes it is paramount to obtain clinical data in the target population using the actual dose of the ingredient to be marketed, and publish the findings in a top-tier scientific journal.” Dr. Joseph L. Evans, Manager of Pharmacology for Stratum Nutrition.

Stratum Nutrition offers science supported specialty ingredients for human and companion animal food and supplements. Please sign in to the Science Support Center below to find published science support and safety data for NEM® brand eggshell membrane, ACTAZIN(TM) kiwifruit, and BLIS K12® and BLIS M18(TM) oral probiotics. We have human, animal, in vitro and in vivo data evaluating effects of these ingredients with further details available upon request.

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